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Dear VSSA Families,

I want to start by welcoming you to another great year at VSSA!  It has been a pleasure to work with your kids over the last eleven years and I am eager to start the 2022-2023’ school year.  I am excited to have Sami Gothberg continue for her third year with our school community. Sami Gothberg is the School-Based Clinician through Your Hope Center located at Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy.

Sami works with the VSSA student-athletes on both classical mental health and sport and performance psychology services. Sport & Performance Psychology services help student-athletes learn to navigate the unique challenges they face and reach peak performance consistently in both personal and sport performance realms. All of the services Sami provides at VSSA are free through Your Hope Center. Parents, teachers, and coaches, if you are interested in having your student-athlete participate in services with Sami, please fill out the referral form located on the school website and in the Yeti Times. Referral Form

As the counselors at VSSA, we will maintain confidentiality for students whenever possible. Limits to confidentiality include mandated reporting laws, which require counselors to report known or suspected child/elder abuse or neglect. Counselors are required to take appropriate action if students engage in behavior that presents clear and imminent danger to themselves or others which may include homicidality, suicidality, self-harm, and at times substance abuse or risky sexual behavior. If students work with Sami Gothberg for more than one or two sessions, and are 12 and younger, a consent form must be signed by both student and parents to ensure there is an understanding of further services.


Both individual and group work may be utilized for your student at VSSA. Parents will be informed if any safety concerns are identified or if additional support is recommended, while following limits of confidentiality.  If you do not want your child to participate in counseling services, by either myself or Sami, please fill out the Counseling Opt-Out form which will also be posted on the school website and in the Yeti Times. Opt-Out Form If you believe your child is in need of specific support by the counseling department or you have concerns about your student, please utilize the referral form located on the school website and the Yeti Times. Referral Form


We look forward to serving the needs of your child in the 2022-2023 school year. 

Our Team

Charlene Whitney
School Counselor
(970) 328-2833

Sami Gothberg
School-Based Therapist
(970) 328-2833

Hope Center 24/7 Crisis Hot Line:  (970) 306-4673