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Drop Off / Pickup Guidlines

The following are a few do’s and don’ts to help everyone with a smoother afternoon pick up. Please note that all pickups and drop offs are to be done in the front circle and not in the parking lots.

- Do use both sides of the circle to pick up (note designated YELLOW pick-up areas on outer circle and far inner circle).
- Do pull all the way through to the far side of the circle to avoid backups.
- Do park in the YELLOW areas ONLY.
- Do ask your students to promptly store their gear and enter the car safely.
- Do drive through the GREEN areas to find a safe place to park in the roundabout.
- Do have your student stay on the sidewalk or staircase until they see their carpool ride.

- Don’t block the back of the SSCV box truck that is carrying students’ gear. The truck parks on the far side of the circle.
- Don’t stop in the RED areas of the pickup circle.
- Don’t park in any of the GREEN areas or the parking lots.
- Don’t allow students to walk down the center of the circle to find their carpool ride.
- Don’t allow students to walk into the grassy area past the sidewalk to find their carpool ride.  

First page of the PDF file: parkingmap_2